Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 12: 23 November 2010

What is in this photo: An awesome Hymenopteral beasty.

Why I like this photo: I like how crisply in focus little Hymenoptery here is, while the background becomes less and less focused the further away the eye goes. I like how his head all cocked inquisitively as if to say "What are you doing scary giant?"


  1. Nice photo.
    You never took biology, did you?
    That's a bee, not a wasp.

  2. Actually - it's furry so it's a bee isn't it? We had been having a discussion about this film one of the entos had seen where they kept mixing the two up. I think he got me a bit confused.

    He's still an Awesome Bee then!

  3. To make the whole thing easier I've taken it up a level. Fixed!