Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 18: 29 November 2010

What is in this photo: DC Comics villian The Joker.

Why I like this photo: Today when I was tidying up my desk ready for a two day trip away I had left the keys to my wheely drawer cabinet thingy at home. This meant that I couldn't put some of the toys that are usually on my desk in the drawer out of the way. I put Joker here to the side while I was tidying and promptly forgot about him. When I leant down to pick up my bag he was there looking all creepy aand conniving.

I like this photo because it shows that even a silly McDonald's toy can interpret character really well, and if I'm going to be taking a photo most days in the scope of the project I must remain vigilant. Like the computer in the Hall of Justice is constantly aware, screening for crime of all natures, I must be alert to oppurtunities for interesting images.

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